Window Cleaning in the Rain

Apart from… “Oi mate, you missed a bit!”  The most common comment we get is. “Do you work in the rain?” – do we do window cleaning in the rain….

I think that is down to 2 reasons, first the strange fascination we Brits have with the weather, and second the old belief that the rain will make your windows dirty.

I have the answer to the second question, but the first is not so easy, why we seem to have such an odd fixation with talking about the weather, I have no idea!

We do know a lot about window cleaning, and the rain

I do however know about window cleaning, and I know the rain will not affect the results. The reason is down to how we clean windows now, Let me explain.

window cleaning rain

Over time a window will build up a thin layer of dust, that layer is usually so even its barely noticeable to the eye, but if a drop of water hits the glass the dust will be brought together and held within the droplet, the water will then evaporate, but as the dust can’t evaporate it will be left behind, as a spot.

The same can be said for when windows are cleaned using the old fashioned squeegee method; using that method an invisible layer of detergent is left on the glass, this not only gets left behind as a spot if water comes into contact with it, but as its sticky it makes the problem worse by attracting and holding onto dust. If it were to rain during or immediately after cleaning the old fashioned way the detergent will always create a problem.

Cleaning windows using purified water helps in two main ways, first it leaves the windows spotlessly clean with no residue of any kind, and second they stay cleaner for longer due to no sticky detergent being left behind.
We take great pride in giving our customers a professional service with a high quality finish.

That is why we are happy to give our 24hr guarantee on all our work, even if it rains.

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