A New Direction

About 3 years ago I had an idea to change the direction that Purerclean was heading, I have been running this business since 2003 and have enjoyed the ride so I thought why not help others to achieve the same kind of success that I have and at the same time increase the size of the Purerclean brand.

So I started looking at franchising, on the surface the concept is simple and from both the franchisee and franchisor’s point of view there are so many benefits. I was not prepared however for the amount of things I needed to put in place to make it as good as it can be. It was a whole new area with a thousand things to learn but I spoke to all the right people, got a very good agreement drawn up using a franchise specialist solicitor which looks after both parties, and finally after about 12 months work was ready to go.

Once the advert started to run I had a few good enquiries but one in particular stood out as being of the right calibre, and after a few months of pulling it all together Dave was on board, I am not sure who was more excited him or me.

As I write this Dave is only a couple of weeks away from having all of the equipment installed in his vehicle and starting his training to become a Purerclean franchisee, running his own business in a way that puts him in the driving seat, we of course will always be right behind him to offer any help and advice he may need along the way.

It’s a big decision to make but with a bit of hard work and determination I am sure David along with any new comers will make a success out of there new venture, every now and then my lads will come in from a days work and say “saw a new cleaner today” it happens often, sadly many of the “newbies” don’t make it past there first year. On paper this is a very simple business but in reality its something else altogether. I have been fortunate, I have made most of the mistakes and survived, so my aim is to pass on this information to those who join Purerclean to enable them to be just as successful, in fact I want them to become even more successful than us. So welcome David, onwards and upwards my friend.