Window Repairs – New Service Purerglaze

Purerclean Ltd is proud to announce our latest incarnation, Purerglaze, Window Repairs.

During our working day we often see windows and doors in need of attention;  sealed units that have failed and are virtually impossible to see out of and certainly offer no thermal protection as they were designed to do; doors that don’t close properly; rubber gaskets that have failed; the list is endless.

Purerglaze Spalding Window Repairs

So together with our engineer Colin, who has over 30 years experience in the industry we decided it was time to offer our customers a way to fix all their problems using a company they already trust to provide a first class job at affordable prices.

Windows break down for a variety of reasons and it’s difficult to be sure why, but mostly it’s just simply down to age. Unfortunately once a window fails and water is inside it means the vacuum which created the thermal barrier to keep the heat in and the cold out has failed to work, therefore increasing your heating bills as you try to keep warm.

Visit our Purerglaze Window Repairs page here.

Window Repairs, replacing old pane, reglazing them

Changing these old panes of glass is not such a big job that many people imagine and by employing someone with such a wealth of industry knowledge you can be sure you are in good hands to get the job done properly and at a sensible price.

Doors are also a major source of problems, over time they can drop making them difficult to close and lock, also creating large gaps to let in the draughts, we can fix those problems too, in fact any problem you may have you can be sure we have encountered it before and are able to fix it for you.

Purerglaze is new, and offers the Purerclean service for window replacement

We at Purerclean are very pleased to be offering this service to our customers, but we don’t limit it there. Everyone is welcome to contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Neil Gornall

Purerglaze Spalding Window Repairs

New Service Map showing our Geographic areas covered

We are really proud to launch our new Service Map showing our window cleaning services area.  This map is interactive and demonstrates some towns and villages in which we operate.  It’s virtually impossible to list every single town and village, because then the map would be littered with pin point markers so we have shown an array of these locations.

You can view the new Service Areas Map right here.

service map icon

Service Map – new Map shows Market Deeping

Towns like Market Deeping, just outside Spalding in Lincolnshire where we work a great deal, with David Smith in the heart of the town centre.  Spalding of course where we are based, and right across South Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

If you search for your local town, you might find yourself, and then give us a call or email to book in your next window cleaning job with Purerclean.

Window Cleaning in the Rain

Apart from… “Oi mate, you missed a bit!”  The most common comment we get is. “Do you work in the rain?” – do we do window cleaning in the rain….

I think that is down to 2 reasons, first the strange fascination we Brits have with the weather, and second the old belief that the rain will make your windows dirty.

I have the answer to the second question, but the first is not so easy, why we seem to have such an odd fixation with talking about the weather, I have no idea!

We do know a lot about window cleaning, and the rain

I do however know about window cleaning, and I know the rain will not affect the results. The reason is down to how we clean windows now, Let me explain.

window cleaning rain

Over time a window will build up a thin layer of dust, that layer is usually so even its barely noticeable to the eye, but if a drop of water hits the glass the dust will be brought together and held within the droplet, the water will then evaporate, but as the dust can’t evaporate it will be left behind, as a spot.

The same can be said for when windows are cleaned using the old fashioned squeegee method; using that method an invisible layer of detergent is left on the glass, this not only gets left behind as a spot if water comes into contact with it, but as its sticky it makes the problem worse by attracting and holding onto dust. If it were to rain during or immediately after cleaning the old fashioned way the detergent will always create a problem.

Cleaning windows using purified water helps in two main ways, first it leaves the windows spotlessly clean with no residue of any kind, and second they stay cleaner for longer due to no sticky detergent being left behind.
We take great pride in giving our customers a professional service with a high quality finish.

That is why we are happy to give our 24hr guarantee on all our work, even if it rains.

Contact us today for a free quotation, or to make an appointment with our really helpful team at Purerclean.

Purerclean Sponsoring Jig Racing

Neil Gornall Purerclean sponsoring Jig Racing

Purerclean Ltd are very proud to be sponsoring Jiggy (James Gornall) this year in the BMW Compact Cup series, Jig Racing.

James from Peterborough has a racing CV which is pretty impressive, He started out in Karts at a very young age and has worked his way through many different types of racing cars, and in most he has come out on top.

Jig Racing- AVON Tyres British GT Champion

In 2003 he was the BARC Formula Renault champion, In 2008 he was the British GT Champion, and in 2001 formula TKM British Champion, he has driven at the Goodwood Festival of speed, won the Silverstone 24hrs in an Aston Martin and along with a list of many other trophy’s and accolades to long to mention here he has made a real name for himself in motor racing

All of his achievements along with lots more information about James are on his website

James is of course Neil’s Nephew, so has always had a close connection to us here at Purerclean, In fact as we are out working in towns such as Spalding, Stamford, Bourne and Market Deeping, customers often ask if James is a relation once they see the name Gornall.

sponsoring jig racing - car on the move

James does not limit his connection to motor sport to weekends, his role as Sales Manager for Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd sees him traveling the world to various race tracks and factories, AreoTec Laboratories supply every F1 team and the majority of GT, Touring Car, and Rally teams.

Purerclean is very proud of our connection with James, we wish him good luck this season.
If you would like to go to see James race please visit for the calendar, or look out for coverage on Motors TV.

Cleaner Planner at Purerclean in Spalding

We were pleased this week that Purerclean is to be a featured company by the Window Cleaning industries leading software provider, Cleaner Planner.

cleaner planner logo

We moved over to this new software a couple of months after it first hit the market, since day one it has helped us in so many ways, not least it has helped us to maintain the frequency of our rounds which is at the core of our business.

We work a 4 week schedule so need to be able to see at a glance where we need to be on a daily basis. One week we may be working on residential properties in Spalding, Bourne, Market Deeping, Stamford or Kings Cliffe; at the same time another van could be out on one of the many other rounds such as, Moulton, Holbeach, Long Sutton. or another in Gosberton, Donington, or Kirton.

What about our Commercial Window Cleaning team?

Our commercial team may have jobs in Peterborough, Kings Lynn, Boston, Wisbech, Nottingham or Leicester, as well as locally around Spalding.

Neil Gornall - Purerclean Window Cleaners talks about Cleaner Planner
Neil Gornall, Managing Director at Purerclean, comments on Cleaner Planner

With all of this to be organised, Cleaner Planner makes our life so much simpler. We are also proud of the fact that a few of the tweaks made to improve the software has been as a direct result of feedback from Purerclean.

New Window Cleaning YouTube Video

We are proud to announce our first official YouTube video on the homepage.  This video is a brief presentation about Purerclean window cleaners in Spalding, and is just over 2 minutes long.  This video was recorded in the many geographic areas we cover, from Lincolnshire, through to Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

We would really like to hear what you think of the video, so please do let us know on our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or even here!

This video shows some of the equipment we use, our amazing team, and even some of the locations we regularly visit.  From houses, to small office, to much larger buildings such as colleges.

Purerclean at work – our new YouTube video

Gutter Cleaning News

Last week saw Purerclean Ltd undertaking an important task for a local
Spalding company, providing a first class Gutter Cleaning service throughout their rooftop.

The were having a problem with water ingress into their building. It became apparent that the problem was the guttering. This can be an often-overlooked part of any building but the result of
not maintaining gutters can be both serious to the building and costly. In this particular case it was not down to pour maintenance, it was simply a part of the gutter had failed; this was easily fixed but highlighted the need for regular inspection and cleaning.

The purpose of guttering is simple: to divert water to a place away from the building. This may not sound like something that matters; after all it’s only a bit of water right?

But once you consider how much water can be involved it’s becomes clear.  This is where Purerclean were asked to step in and help with this Spalding firm.

gutter cleaning with Purerclean

Gutter Cleaning after heavy rainfall

Rainfall is usually given in millimetres, IE. “Tomorrow we can expect 10mm of rain “, that rainfall measurement equates to; 1mm = 1 Litre of water per sq meter.
Now take an average size terrace house, the average size roof on a terrace house would be approx.  50 sq meters. So now we just need to work out how much water we are dealing with.

1mm x 50 = 50 Litres
10mm x 50 = 500 Litres

Water weighs 1 Kilo per Litre, so in a day with 10mm rainfall that’s half a tonne of water that has to be got rid of from a small roof.

Now imagine if your gutters are blocked, that’s an awful lot of water that could be spilling over the top of the gutter, under the tiles and possibly into the cavity of the walls or worse. So if we are dealing with that amount of water from a small roof imagine how much water a large commercial building has to deal with in a heavy downpour!  Purerclean sourced the heavy duty equipment to get high on this very large two story building to clean the entire guttering.

The architect takes these things into account when buildings are designed; the correct gutter is installed to do the job but its no use if it’s damaged or full of dirt and weeds. That’s where we come in.

Launched: New Website for 2016

It is with great pride that we announced the launch of our new website for 2016.  With tremendous work from the fabulously helpful team at 79DESIGN in Spalding, who produce some amazing websites and support, we are now on track to take Purerclean even further.

Neil from Purerclean says “A while back I decided to take a good look at all things web based within the company. It quickly became apparent that we had some serious problems.

Not being very tech minded I looked for help, and on the recommendation of another local company I met Simon from 79Design.

After a meeting with Simon to discuss what it was I was looking for things moved forward very quickly, the end result, I now have a great looking site which will provide customers and potential customers with a much better experience, make us easier to find which is all important in a competitive market place, also now all our social media is all linked properly together.

All in all I can’t thank 79Design enough.“.

We are now able to post our news out to all channels, including the following Social Media (which is linked at the top, but here it is if you wish to follow us:

Facebook Purerclean

Twitter @ Purerclean

Google Plus

As of January 2016, our franchisee’s website has been part of this update –

Brand new website for 2016 – Purerclean

To visit our designers website at 79DESIGN, please visit  This will open in a new tab.

79DESIGN - website designers Spalding - new website for 2016

Simon from 79DESIGN says of this new working relationship “it was a pleasure to meet with Neil, hear of his wishes and create something for Purerclean that he is truly proud to own.  The whole process from meeting Neil to going live has been a pleasure.  We look forward to working for Purerclean through 2016 and beyond.”.

Want to clean the inside of your windows?

Ok, so the lads from Purerclean have been round and cleaned the outside of your windows, they look great and sparkle in the sunshine. But you realise you haven’t cleaned the insides for ages and they really don’t look good. What to do?

Watching a professional window cleaner at work it can seem difficult but it doesn’t need to be. A professional will usually use what we call the “S” method; this is much quicker but can take lots of practise to become proficient. The method I will describe here is simple but with a little practice the results will be just as good as any pro.


Having the right equipment can make an enormous difference to both the ease of carrying out the job and the end result. A bucket or washing up bowl and a few old tea towels will keep the cost down, however modern microfiber cloths or traditional scrims are available from suppliers. Investing in a reasonable quality squeegee is recommended as a cheap one just wont give the end result your looking for, also needed is a mop, not the sort you would use on the floor, a window cleaners mop, there are similar in shape to the squeegee but covered in a fluffy sleeve for cleaning. These products can be sourced online easily, eBay sell plenty of types or search window cleaning supplies, or ask us and we can get all the products for you.



First, half fill your bucket with warm water then add some washing up detergent. Don’t add the detergent before the water otherwise you will end up with loads of bubbles that will create problems when cleaning. Now put your mop in and mix the water up a little and get the mop fully wet, as you take the mop out of the bucket it’s a good idea to remove any excess water by either giving it a quick shake or running your hand down it, too much water could mean lots of clearing up later.

Now its time to start on the glass. Bare in mind that water will be dripping down as you clean, potentially it will be pretty dirty also so remember to protect any carpets or furniture below and around the window.

It’s a good idea to check the glass for any stubborn marks that will need extra attention at this stage, these are easier to see whilst the glass is still dry, then using the mop wet the whole pane and scrub it to remove dirt and grease, paying extra attention to any areas you noticed before you started. When you are satisfied the whole window is cleaned its time to squeegee it off to a streak free finish.

Replace the mop into the bucket and take up your squeegee and one of your cloths (make sure its lint free and wont leave fibres behind) you will have 2 cloths on the go at a time, a wet one and a dry one, try not to get them mixed up. Put one of the cloths in the bucket of water and give it a good work around until its fully wet, then take it out and wring it out until as much water as possible has been removed, it will feel almost dry at this point. Taking this damp cloth run it around the frame to give it a good clean, at the same time run the cloth along the top edge of the glass and down one edge of the glass about an inch in to remove excess water. If your right-handed run it down the left hand side, opposite for left handed. Now take up your squeegee and its time to begin the final process.

Hold the squeegee in your dominant hand between thumb and forefinger, balancing lightly on the remaining fingers, offer the blade up to the highest edge on the side of the glass you have just dried so its sitting just on the edge of the glass pointing vertically up and down. Then gently pull horizontally across the glass keeping the tip just against the top edge of the frame until you get to the opposite side, and then gently lift it off.

Now wipe the blade (using the damp towel) and repeat moving down the glass until you reach the bottom, ensure on each pass of the blade that you overlap by a couple of inches onto the dry area from the last pass so that no wet areas are left behind.

Now the entire glass is clean, but the edge of the glass where the squeegee finished each time may be wet, by now the “damp” cloth may be quite wet, if so give it a good rinse in the bucket, wring it out as before and its ready again. So again take the damp towel and without touching the glass wipe the excess water from the frame, at the same time mop up and clean the sill area,.

The final job is now using the dry towel to “detail” any small marks on the glass and to run it around all 4 edges, Its best to put a finger in the towel and try to just use the tip so as not to get any more cloth than necessary onto the freshly cleaned glass, run it around until no marks or small smears are left.

Et voilà a nice clean window to compliment the outsides.

Now you just have the rest to do……….. Or you could ask us to do them for you.

A New Direction

About 3 years ago I had an idea to change the direction that Purerclean was heading, I have been running this business since 2003 and have enjoyed the ride so I thought why not help others to achieve the same kind of success that I have and at the same time increase the size of the Purerclean brand.

So I started looking at franchising, on the surface the concept is simple and from both the franchisee and franchisor’s point of view there are so many benefits. I was not prepared however for the amount of things I needed to put in place to make it as good as it can be. It was a whole new area with a thousand things to learn but I spoke to all the right people, got a very good agreement drawn up using a franchise specialist solicitor which looks after both parties, and finally after about 12 months work was ready to go.

Once the advert started to run I had a few good enquiries but one in particular stood out as being of the right calibre, and after a few months of pulling it all together Dave was on board, I am not sure who was more excited him or me.

As I write this Dave is only a couple of weeks away from having all of the equipment installed in his vehicle and starting his training to become a Purerclean franchisee, running his own business in a way that puts him in the driving seat, we of course will always be right behind him to offer any help and advice he may need along the way.

It’s a big decision to make but with a bit of hard work and determination I am sure David along with any new comers will make a success out of there new venture, every now and then my lads will come in from a days work and say “saw a new cleaner today” it happens often, sadly many of the “newbies” don’t make it past there first year. On paper this is a very simple business but in reality its something else altogether. I have been fortunate, I have made most of the mistakes and survived, so my aim is to pass on this information to those who join Purerclean to enable them to be just as successful, in fact I want them to become even more successful than us. So welcome David, onwards and upwards my friend.