Gutter Cleaning News

Last week saw Purerclean Ltd undertaking an important task for a local
Spalding company, providing a first class Gutter Cleaning service throughout their rooftop.

The were having a problem with water ingress into their building. It became apparent that the problem was the guttering. This can be an often-overlooked part of any building but the result of
not maintaining gutters can be both serious to the building and costly. In this particular case it was not down to pour maintenance, it was simply a part of the gutter had failed; this was easily fixed but highlighted the need for regular inspection and cleaning.

The purpose of guttering is simple: to divert water to a place away from the building. This may not sound like something that matters; after all it’s only a bit of water right?

But once you consider how much water can be involved it’s becomes clear.  This is where Purerclean were asked to step in and help with this Spalding firm.

gutter cleaning with Purerclean

Gutter Cleaning after heavy rainfall

Rainfall is usually given in millimetres, IE. “Tomorrow we can expect 10mm of rain “, that rainfall measurement equates to; 1mm = 1 Litre of water per sq meter.
Now take an average size terrace house, the average size roof on a terrace house would be approx.  50 sq meters. So now we just need to work out how much water we are dealing with.

1mm x 50 = 50 Litres
10mm x 50 = 500 Litres

Water weighs 1 Kilo per Litre, so in a day with 10mm rainfall that’s half a tonne of water that has to be got rid of from a small roof.

Now imagine if your gutters are blocked, that’s an awful lot of water that could be spilling over the top of the gutter, under the tiles and possibly into the cavity of the walls or worse. So if we are dealing with that amount of water from a small roof imagine how much water a large commercial building has to deal with in a heavy downpour!  Purerclean sourced the heavy duty equipment to get high on this very large two story building to clean the entire guttering.

The architect takes these things into account when buildings are designed; the correct gutter is installed to do the job but its no use if it’s damaged or full of dirt and weeds. That’s where we come in.