Window Repairs – New Service Purerglaze

Purerclean Ltd is proud to announce our latest incarnation, Purerglaze, Window Repairs.

During our working day we often see windows and doors in need of attention;  sealed units that have failed and are virtually impossible to see out of and certainly offer no thermal protection as they were designed to do; doors that don’t close properly; rubber gaskets that have failed; the list is endless.

Purerglaze Spalding Window Repairs

So together with our engineer Colin, who has over 30 years experience in the industry we decided it was time to offer our customers a way to fix all their problems using a company they already trust to provide a first class job at affordable prices.

Windows break down for a variety of reasons and it’s difficult to be sure why, but mostly it’s just simply down to age. Unfortunately once a window fails and water is inside it means the vacuum which created the thermal barrier to keep the heat in and the cold out has failed to work, therefore increasing your heating bills as you try to keep warm.

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Window Repairs, replacing old pane, reglazing them

Changing these old panes of glass is not such a big job that many people imagine and by employing someone with such a wealth of industry knowledge you can be sure you are in good hands to get the job done properly and at a sensible price.

Doors are also a major source of problems, over time they can drop making them difficult to close and lock, also creating large gaps to let in the draughts, we can fix those problems too, in fact any problem you may have you can be sure we have encountered it before and are able to fix it for you.

Purerglaze is new, and offers the Purerclean service for window replacement

We at Purerclean are very pleased to be offering this service to our customers, but we don’t limit it there. Everyone is welcome to contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Neil Gornall

Purerglaze Spalding Window Repairs