Want to clean the inside of your windows?

Ok, so the lads from Purerclean have been round and cleaned the outside of your windows, they look great and sparkle in the sunshine. But you realise you haven’t cleaned the insides for ages and they really don’t look good. What to do?

Watching a professional window cleaner at work it can seem difficult but it doesn’t need to be. A professional will usually use what we call the “S” method; this is much quicker but can take lots of practise to become proficient. The method I will describe here is simple but with a little practice the results will be just as good as any pro.


Having the right equipment can make an enormous difference to both the ease of carrying out the job and the end result. A bucket or washing up bowl and a few old tea towels will keep the cost down, however modern microfiber cloths or traditional scrims are available from suppliers. Investing in a reasonable quality squeegee is recommended as a cheap one just wont give the end result your looking for, also needed is a mop, not the sort you would use on the floor, a window cleaners mop, there are similar in shape to the squeegee but covered in a fluffy sleeve for cleaning. These products can be sourced online easily, eBay sell plenty of types or search window cleaning supplies, or ask us and we can get all the products for you.



First, half fill your bucket with warm water then add some washing up detergent. Don’t add the detergent before the water otherwise you will end up with loads of bubbles that will create problems when cleaning. Now put your mop in and mix the water up a little and get the mop fully wet, as you take the mop out of the bucket it’s a good idea to remove any excess water by either giving it a quick shake or running your hand down it, too much water could mean lots of clearing up later.

Now its time to start on the glass. Bare in mind that water will be dripping down as you clean, potentially it will be pretty dirty also so remember to protect any carpets or furniture below and around the window.

It’s a good idea to check the glass for any stubborn marks that will need extra attention at this stage, these are easier to see whilst the glass is still dry, then using the mop wet the whole pane and scrub it to remove dirt and grease, paying extra attention to any areas you noticed before you started. When you are satisfied the whole window is cleaned its time to squeegee it off to a streak free finish.

Replace the mop into the bucket and take up your squeegee and one of your cloths (make sure its lint free and wont leave fibres behind) you will have 2 cloths on the go at a time, a wet one and a dry one, try not to get them mixed up. Put one of the cloths in the bucket of water and give it a good work around until its fully wet, then take it out and wring it out until as much water as possible has been removed, it will feel almost dry at this point. Taking this damp cloth run it around the frame to give it a good clean, at the same time run the cloth along the top edge of the glass and down one edge of the glass about an inch in to remove excess water. If your right-handed run it down the left hand side, opposite for left handed. Now take up your squeegee and its time to begin the final process.

Hold the squeegee in your dominant hand between thumb and forefinger, balancing lightly on the remaining fingers, offer the blade up to the highest edge on the side of the glass you have just dried so its sitting just on the edge of the glass pointing vertically up and down. Then gently pull horizontally across the glass keeping the tip just against the top edge of the frame until you get to the opposite side, and then gently lift it off.

Now wipe the blade (using the damp towel) and repeat moving down the glass until you reach the bottom, ensure on each pass of the blade that you overlap by a couple of inches onto the dry area from the last pass so that no wet areas are left behind.

Now the entire glass is clean, but the edge of the glass where the squeegee finished each time may be wet, by now the “damp” cloth may be quite wet, if so give it a good rinse in the bucket, wring it out as before and its ready again. So again take the damp towel and without touching the glass wipe the excess water from the frame, at the same time mop up and clean the sill area,.

The final job is now using the dry towel to “detail” any small marks on the glass and to run it around all 4 edges, Its best to put a finger in the towel and try to just use the tip so as not to get any more cloth than necessary onto the freshly cleaned glass, run it around until no marks or small smears are left.

Et voilà a nice clean window to compliment the outsides.

Now you just have the rest to do……….. Or you could ask us to do them for you.