Payment Options

Payment Options

Your Unique Customer Reference number should be quoted on all payments. This can be found on the bill left at the time of cleaning.

These are our payment methods.

BACS —Electronic bank transfer or standing Order



GoCardless – online secure payments


GoCardless - a new way of paying securely online ⇨

We have recently introduced a new way to make payment following the cleaning of your windows. GoCardless is a new type of Direct Debit whereby the payment is only taken once your windows have been cleaned – and never before! At the end of the day we will mark that your windows have been cleaned on the GoCardless website; once marked, they will then send you a message informing you that the payment will be taken from your account approximately 5 days later – that way you know exactly when the payment is due.

As usual, your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee so you can have peace of mind as well as making your life simpler; and once set up, you need never again bother about arranging online payment or running round searching for cash or cheque book. We believe you will see this as a safe, secure and time-saving way in which to make payment in future.

When you make a payment and register with GoCardless, look for the ‘s’ in the website address: https. This means it’s secure. All that needs to be done is follow the GoCardless link and register (which takes less than 2 minutes). Once registered, they will send us both a message to confirm the process and then you can sit back and relax.

Don’t forget:

  • We won’t share your details with any third parties
  • This is not a monthly Direct Debit – payments are only taken once your window have been cleaned – approximately 5 days later
  • Safe, secure and easy to set up – for future peace of mind

If you have any further questions please do get in touch.

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