PurerClean service areas

PurerClean service areas

We cover a very large area for our window cleaning services, starting at Spalding and radiating out over a vast geographic area. This Service Map shows some of the towns we cover, and of course we cover the areas in between as well.

PurerClean Service Area

Don't see your town or village listed?

The list below represents just some of the areas we cover. If your location isn't listed but you live nearby, chances are we cover your area too, so give us a call!

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Barnack, Lincolnshire

Barnack, in Lincolnshire very close to Stamford and the gorgeous Burghley House. We regularly serve our residental customers here. Give us a call today for a free no obligation quote in your local town.

Baston, Lincolnshire

Baston is a lovely village full of beautiful buildings, It’s always a pleasure to work here. Manor Drive to Greatford Road and everything in between.

Boston, Lincolnshire

The historic town of Boston keeps us busy for quite a while, we have a great mix of commercial and residential work here. From Wainfleet Road in the North to London Road in the South we cover it all.

Bourne, Lincolnshire

The lovely town of Bourne is a favourite of ours. From Northfields and Mill Drove to West Street and Elsea Park, we service it all. We also have a variety of commercial work in and around the town.

Cowbit, Lincolnshire

PurerClean service the entire village of Cowbit on a regular basis. Areas such as Backgate, Barrier Bank and all the estates are always on our lists.

Crowland, Lincolnshire

The lovely historic town of Crowland is an ever growing part of our rounds, from Postland Road in the north to Peterborough Road in the south, and of course everything in-between.

Deeping St Nicholas

The village of Deeping St Nicholas, has been on our rounds for many years and we have watched it grow into the community it is today, we now service the entire village on our regular routes.


The quaint little village of Dowsby is a relatively new addition to our regular rounds but already we have some very happy customers here.

Eye, Cambridgeshire

A quickly developing part of our rounds, with many residential and commercial customers coming on board in the last year alone.

Gosberton, Lincolnshire

The villages of Gosberton and Quadring are another busy day for PurerClean, both villages are covered in full, it’s an ever growing part of our rounds.

Holbeach, Lincolnshire

From the A17 to Wignalls Gate, we cover both residential as well as commercial work in all parts of Holbeach.

Kings Lynn, Norfolk

This town has been added to our rounds in the last 2 years and has already proved to be a great place to work. With a good mix of residential and commercial work we can see a great future for PurerClean here.

Kirton, Lincolnshire

A very important village to PurerClean, from Sentance Crescent to Drainside South, we cover all of Kirton on a regular basis.

Langtoft, Lincolnshire

Family connections to Langtoft make this village a little extra special for Neil, our Director. We are always happy to take on new customers here.

Long Sutton, Lincolnshire

The village of Long Sutton is fast becoming one of our busier areas. We used to just do one or two jobs on our way to Kings Lynn but now it has become very popular.

Market Deeping

Another favourite area for PurerClean, having entered a raft in the famous Raft Race on a number of occasions in partnership with Winkworth Estates agents in the town. We of course cover the whole town for both residential and commercial buildings.

Moulton, Lincolnshire

This lovely village is one of our oldest areas for work. We first started working in Hatt Close in 2003, we now of course cover everything from Shivean Gate to the Sidings, and much more.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

The beautiful cathedral city of Peterborough is one of PurerClean’s busiest areas, we have a team here almost daily taking care of many commercial properties and a good number of residential.


Another old favourite of ours, Neil started working here when he first went into business. From Poachers Gate to Market Way, we cover it all.

Spalding, Lincolnshire

PurerClean Ltd’s home town. There are not many streets we don’t work in. We have a very large client base in Spalding of both Residential and Commercial.

Stamford, Lincolnshire

One of the most picturesque town anyone could wish to work in, which is why it’s such a pleasure for us to have many Stamford based residential and commercial customers.

Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire

With its famous swing bridge Sutton Bridge in the South Holland area has become a regular place for PurerClean to visit with a number of large commercial jobs using our services.


With many jobs in The Tilney and other streets around Whaplode, this is another busy day for PurerClean, we are always happy to take on new jobs here.